Vision / Approach

Our organisation’s approach for the Protection of the Environment and Biodiversity Conservation does not only target the conservation of the environment, but we seek to tackle poverty and other causes of environmental degradation. Poverty and Environmental Degradation are inextricably linked together. Poverty remains the main cause and consequence of environmental degradation and resource depletion in Sub Saharan Africa.

Without important improvement in the living conditions and livelihoods of the poor especially women, environmental programmes will achieve little or no success. Also, there is a strong link between poverty and degradation of natural resources, while environmental degradation and desertification in turn contribute to increased poverty, insecurity and deterioration of the living population.

The goals of the organisation are to:

  • Aid in the protection of the environment, biodiversity conservation andcombating climate change through beekeeping programs, information campaigns, education awareness sensitisation, tree planting etc…
  • Help in reducing feminisation of poverty.
  • Rehabilitation of destitute children and gender issues (women empowerment).
  • To seek sponsorship to initiate and support projects and programmes.
  • Combating HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Promoting community development (participatory approach).
  • Nursery of trees and provision of seedlings for farmers and
  • Peace building