You are welcome to the official website of Benevolent Association for the Protection of the Environment and the Socially Underprivileged abbreviated “BAPESU”.

We are delighted that you have expressed interest in us by visiting our website. You may not be aware that 1.3 billion people, that is, almost one quarter of the world’s population has to survive on less than $1.00 per day and that seventy per cent of these people are women.

In addition, the gap between women and men caught in the cycle of poverty has continued to widen in the past decades, a phenomenon commonly referred to as “the Feminisation of Poverty”; that governments spend more on military weapons than on health; that inequalities and social injustices are pervasive; that we are destroying our precious environment via pollution, deforestation and urbanization. BAPESU works at grassroots level by helping in providing opportunities for the most underprivileged people in alleviating suffering and poverty. Through our activities such as community outreach education programs, we raise public consciousness on the importance of environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, the fight against climate change and the need for sustainable livelihoods. All these we strongly believe can only be achieved where there is justice and less suffering.

Every 15 seconds one young person is infected with HIV. 15 seconds – just a few blinks of an eye; a leaf falls from a tree; a cloud passing over our heads; meeting someone who will change your life; watching a star fall; the time it takes to cast a dream.

A world of beauty can hide within 15 seconds.

Beautiful moments that we take for granted. Moments that too many are not able to live. Six thousand five hundred (6500) die of AIDS every day. They died yesterday, will die today, and shall die tomorrow.

This is not a cause, it’s an emergency. It is about life. BAPESU aims to raise awareness around HIV/AIDS by reflecting on the smaller emotions that make everyday life grand, that some of us appreciate and that too many of us will never feel. A life can change forever in 15 seconds.

It is high time we all have to think about quality life of all especially the most vulnerable (women, children, the most poor and disadvantaged people). “We have only one planet, now and in the future.
We need to think harder about how to use it wisely.

We hope you will enjoy knowing more about our work.

Always remember ideals can never die. No persons can be privileged above
others. There is one true law for all. Oppression and injustice will always be
repulsed so long as a single person can  conceive of rectitude,
…there will always be hope.

Together let us protect our planet earth to promote speciation. Our
environment could be likened to a newly born whose evolution depends on our activities. For a healthy environment is invested fortune.